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Monday 24 October 2016 loc: GB

Man wakeboards through flooded vineyard

Storms may have devastated vineyards across South Australia, but this thrill seeker chose to make the best of the situation, by wakeboarding through a flooded vineyard.

An intense storm swept through Adelaide last Wednesday causing the Onkaparinga River to burst its banks. Heavy rains have continued to drench the region since, with the entire state suffering a power outage and floodwaters causing damage to homes.

This vineyard, believed to be in Langhorne Creek, suffered enough flooding that it became possible to wakeboard through its vines.

The man has been named as 21-year-old Rylan Willis by several news sites based in Adelaide, who can be seen being towed on a wakeboard with a tractor through the flooded vineyard by a friend.

A flash flood warning is still in place with authorities urging people to sandbag their homes and get out their flood plains.