Brewer ready to ship 50 million beers

Molson Coors is preparing for its Christmas rush and has over 50 million cans and bottles to distribute to a thirsty nation.

Coors beers ready for distributionThere are currently 54.6 million cans and bottles at the brewer’s national distribution centre in Burton-on-Trent. The site is packed with 27,000 pallets of beer covering an area the size of six football pitches.

Workers at the site are preparing for their Christmas rush as they will ship the pallets and crates to supermarkets and off-licences all over the UK.

A Molson Coors spokesman said: “Along with summer, Christmas is a crucial trading period for us.

“In the run-up to the big day itself, there are plenty of people who are stocking up for parties.

“As a result, everyone from the brewery, warehouse and delivery teams has been working flat out to make sure we’ve got the right stock so that our customers have everything they need to keep the tills ringing.”

It is estimate that if all the cans and bottles currently occupying the warehouse were laid end to end they would stretch from London to Beijing, with a few left over for drinking.

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