Waitrose organic wine sales up 57%

UK retailer Waitrose has revealed that sales of its organic wine range have risen by 57% year-on-year with the supermarket now stocking 54 organic wines from 18 different countries.

“Sommeliers need training” on organic wine, according to Spain’s producers

Staff in the on-trade need "more training" on organically-grown wines to promote their quality, according to one third generation winemaker hoping to transform Spain's approach to viticulture.

Plumpton launches A-Level equivalent to boost English wine industry recruitment

Plumpton College, the only institution in England to offer wine courses at university level, is branching into secondary education. Head of wine development at the college, Chris Foss, tells db all about it.

NZ viticultural technique could combat effects of global warming

Dr John Forrest, the creator of a viticultural technique used by New Zealand wineries involved in a project to produce wines with naturally lower alcohol, has said that it's capable of helping wineries across the world "to ameliorate the effects of global warming".

Symingtons test vineyard robots

September 11th, 2017

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