Champagne to be a fully sustainable region by 2030

The movement towards sustainable practices in Champagne continues to gather momentum, as the Comité Champagne signals its desire to have 100% of producers certified by 2030.

New bird-scaring drone with dummy crow being trialled in vineyards

A new hi-tech drone, which emits fake bird distress calls, is being trialled in Australia in an effort to scare avians away from ripening grapes and reduce crop losses.

Plumpton college sees student enrolment numbers rise by 20%

UK wine and agricultural education provider Plumpton College has announced that the 2018/2019 student intake was the largest on record, with total candidate numbers up by 20%. 

Waitrose organic wine sales up 57%

UK retailer Waitrose has revealed that sales of its organic wine range have risen by 57% year-on-year with the supermarket now stocking 54 organic wines from 18 different countries.

Symingtons test vineyard robots

September 11th, 2017

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