Quarter of agricultural land in Europe to be organic by 2030

The European Commission has set a number of new environmental targets, including the reduction of pesticide usage by 50% and the goal of 25% of EU farmland being organic by 2030.

Château Lafite CEO sees ‘positive’ side of climate change

As the debate over global warming - and the introduction of new varieties - intensifies across Bordeaux, Chateau Lafite's President and CEO Jean-Guillaume Prats remains optimistic about the region's future.

Plumpton College to create research hub for English wine industry

The UK's viticulture and oenology education centre, Plumpton College, is aiming to create a research hub for the English wine industry to improve future site selection and vine productivity. 

OIV: Wine producers ‘face post-war solutions’

Director of the OIV, Pau Roca, said that some wine producers are facing conditions similar to a post-war environment, as he warns that there could be a potential 50% reduction in value sales in Europe.

Symingtons test vineyard robots

September 11th, 2017

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