Red wine may be key to next-gen wearable tech

A team of scientists at the University of Manchester are using tannic acid from red wine, coffee or black tea to develop more flexible and durable wearable devices.

Merger promises new ‘big data era’ for the wine industry

One of the US’s most popular consumer wine sites, Wine Folly, has merged with the Global Wine Database (GWDB) and unveiled plans to make big data about wine accessible to the industry.

Australia satellite maps all its vineyards

Australia’s entire vineyard area has been comprehensively mapped in the country’s first ‘National Vineyard Scan’ and was found to be 8% bigger than previously thought.

Sustainability: being carbon neutral is ‘just the beginning’, UK bottling company says

Being carbon neutral is “just the beginning” for companies looking to up their sustainability credentials and gain a competitive edge, according to a director at the Lanchester Group's Greencroft Bottling.

Top 10 apps for wine lovers

April 2nd, 2019

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