The Master Winemaker 100

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The Drinks Business
Published     :
February 2020
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A 250-page guide profiling 100 award-winning winemakers from The Global Masters by the drinks business.
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The Master Winemaker 100 comprises those exceptional cellar-based personalities capable of crafting wines wonderful enough to be classed as a ‘Wine Master’ by those who are Masters of Wine.

How do winemakers achieve this? They must enter one of the blind tastings organised by the drinks business under the banner: The Global Masters. Such competitions are far-reaching, taking in all noble grape varieties, every major wine style, and a range of notable regions. And such tastings are judged almost exclusively by those holding the toughest qualification in the trade: the MW.

Having analysed the results in the entire series of tastings in the past 12 months, we have produced a list of 100 top-performing properties – those wineries that have achieved our ultimate accolade of Wine Master at least once. Then, we have taken these places, which we’ve listed alphabetically, and profiled the most senior winemaking personalities who work at them.

4. Introduction
What makes a winemaster a winner? We break down the attributes that have made these personalities stand out.

20. Araex’s winning formula
The Rioja powerhouse’s Masters’ success for its ‘single-vineyard’ wines demonstrates the potential to drive sales in the premium and super-premium sectors.

22. The Master Winemaker 100
We profile 100 winemakers who have won the top accolade in the Global Masters Series.

222. Ones to watch
We highlight 10 up-and- coming winemakers who impressed The Global Masters ‘ judges.

244. Index and winery directory

248. Index of winemakers