10 post-Covid trends here to stay in the Asian F&B industry

Rethinking the supply chain – go local

Industry operators with existing relationships with local producers didn’t experience trouble in getting their supply of ingredients during the pandemic. However, restaurants and bars in markets that need to import the bulk of their ingredients face severe challenges.

Singapore, for instance, imports 90% of its produce. Andrew Yap of The Old Man bar in Singapore shared his experience, “certain spirits and produce either take a longer period to arrive, or are harder to come by due to domestic needs.

For example, the kaffir lime we use, only certain suppliers have their hands on it. Spirits that used to take one week to clear customs now require three. There’s no substitute for these products unless you change the menu.”

It may be the time, therefore, for F&B businesses to really begin supporting small businesses, farmers, and fishermen as much as possible, or to consider creating rooftop gardens and zero-waste kitchen.

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