10 reasons to get excited about Chilean wine right now

7th September, 2020 by Patrick Schmitt

Having just finished an extensive tasting of Chile’s top drops, we bring you 10 styles of wine that this nation does brilliantly, and the bottles to prove it.

Looking for light reds using historic grapes from ancient, ungrafted vines? Then head to Chile

In advance of a major focus on the Chilean wine scene in the September issue of the drinks business, I sampled a broad range of bottles from as many as 30 top producers in the nation.

Each one of these major players were asked to submit no more than two wines by Wines of Chile for sampling by myself in London, as sadly, due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, I wasn’t able to visit the country as I usually do in August (although I had spent almost two weeks there last November).

In each case, the wineries put forward commercially-available labels that they were most proud of, representing new and exciting bottles, along with the latest vintages of established brands.

And, having sampled the selection in full, I have developed a stronger sense of what Chile is doing well today, which I’ve condensed into 10 key styles below.


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