10 breweries and distilleries around the world making hand sanitiser

Psychompomp Microdistillery & Circumstance Distillery, Bristol, UK

The team at Psychompomp Microdistillery & Circumstance Distillery

While it is perhaps a simpler process for large drinks companies to lend their services to governments as impromptu sanitiser factories, smaller, independent distillers and breweries around the world have also been doing their part for the local community.

In Bristol, UK, Psychompomp Microdistillery & Circumstance Distillery set about making hand sanitisers with 65% ethanol (it is recommended that hand sanitiser contain an ABV of at least 60% to be effective). The gel is also made with gin botanicals already on-hand at the distillery, and aloe vera gel.

The distiller took action earlier this month after finding their local shops had run out due to panic buying in the local area.

Liam Hirt, co-founder of Psychopomp & Circumstance Distillery, said: “The team wanted some hand sanitiser and everywhere was sold out so we decided to made some.”

Rather than selling the rare commodity on for profit, the distillery offered to add a small bottle of sanitiser to every gin order, and placed a donation box at the still house.

Customers are being encouraged to bring their own refillable bottles to top up on hand sanitiser, and the donation box at the facility allows health-conscious locals to pay what they like.

Donations will be handed to Bristol children’s hospital charity, The Grand Appeal.

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