Spain 2019 harvest report region by region

Rueda– grapes crushed in 2019: 113.7 million kg (88% Verdejo)

In Rueda the harvest began at the end of August with Sauvignon Blanc which typically ripens earlier than Verdejo, the region’s flagship variety. Here too warm, dry conditions resulted in lower yields but healthy fruit.

Sara Bañuelos, head winemaker at Ramon Bilbao-Rueda, said: “We have had no issues with disease. It’s been a very dry cycle, and Rueda is a very windy area so the berries have always been aerated.

There was rain at the end of harvest, but Rueda had less than the rest of Spain and it just meant we focused even more on the status of the vineyards. After the rain there were mornings with a slight breeze and fresher nights which was perfect for us.” Like many others in the region she is upbeat about this harvest which she said offered “quality, concentration, complexity, freshness and healthy grapes”.

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