Vinventions to release grape-based stopper in 2020

Closures specialist Vinventions is to release a wine stopper made from grape pomace next year, the company’s research and development department has revealed.

Vinventions’ new stopper will be made from grape pomace

As reported by Vitisphere, Olav Aagaard, vice-president of Vinventions’ R&D department, revealed news of the Nomacorc grape pomace stopper at Sitevi, an international exhibition aimed at the wine, olive oil and fruit industries in Montpellier.

The  innovative bio-sourced stopper, called Grappe Line, will be showcased in Bordeaux at the next Vinitech trade fair, which takes place in early December.

Vinventions also revealed that its Green Line range of closures made from sugar cane is now certified carbon neutral.

“Our two top-of-the-range caps, the Reserva and Select Green, already had a carbon neutral footprint. Now, the entire Green Line range has a zero carbon footprint”, Vinventions’ communications director, Caroline Thomas, told Vitisphere.

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