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Regular readers of this round-up may remember that Champagne Bollinger has teamed up with some of the UK’s top chefs on a series of recipes celebrating a single ingredient and designed to pair with its recently released La Grande Année 2008.

This month, chef Ollie Dabbous of the hottest new haunt in Mayfair, Hide, has chosen crab to pair with the vintage fizz.

Honouring the golden rule of Champagne + deep fried battered things = heaven, the dish features soft-shell crab tempura, Thai basil & peppercorns.

“Champagne goes brilliantly with tempura,” Dabbous said, adding that the crisp textures and salty, fatty goodness of tempura are a “perfect match” for Champagne.

“A nice dynamic, something so indulgent alongside what is essentially fried food. I could manage a 2nd helping!”

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