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Brewdog launches another protest beer

Brewdog launched a beer to protest almost everything about the UK’s political climate.

The brewer also offers UK MPs free bottles of the beer it launched to protest Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament.

A statement from the company said it “cannot ferment beers and design labels quick enough to keep up with the chaos”.

“BrewDog is today announcing the launch of new protest beer, ’Hello My Name Is (Unelected) Boris’,” it said, adding that it had initially designed the beer to protest Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament.

With the beer launching today (5 September), Brewdog is also offering MPs who “find themselves without an office” a free bottle of the new 5.2% ABV hazy IPA.

James Watt, CEO and founder of Brewdog, said: “We know the best way to bring people together in uncertain times is with incredible craft beer. So instead of a placard, we’ve put our passion for craft into making this iconic beer for us all to drink while we wait for democracy to turn up again. Cheers.”

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