i heart wines launches TV campaign

One of the UK’s largest wine brands, i heart, has announced it is launching its first television advertising campaign.

The first such campaign the brand has ever done, the ad is described as “simple, straight-talking and fun”, designed to reflect the “brand’s essence” and drive “engagement and awareness” of the brand’s still and sparkling wine offering.

The advert will air during Love Island on ITV2 as well as the ITVhub and during entertainment shows on 4OD.

The campaign will begin on 10 June and will run for 10 weeks. It will be backed up through social media and digital advertising as well as in stores and online retail environments.

Lucy Auld, head of marketing commented: “This is incredibly exciting for i heart wines as we continues our mission to make wine and the wine category more accessible and enjoyable for consumers. The BWS category is extremely competitive and we are thrilled to be able to invest behind our brand to help drive awareness of both the brand and category with shoppers.”

Dani McDonald, brand manager for i heart wines added: “The creative execution is fun and simple and we are so excited that it will feature within Love Island which is a hugely popular show.

“Consumers are constantly bombarded with messages from multiple media platforms so it is great to feature within such iconic and popular shows that are watched both live on traditional linear TV and also on demand.”

3 Responses to “i heart wines launches TV campaign”

  1. Malcolm Ayres says:

    Rachel Archer is still and always will be the Queen and more importantly the brains behind I Heart!

  2. Rachel Finn says:

    The advert is sexist drivel. ASA have had loads of complaints.

  3. Arabella Mileham says:

    Thanks for your comment Rachel. Just to clarify, we can find no mention of the complaints lodged with the ASA regarding the advert mentioned in this story. On 22 August 2018, the ASA upheld a complaint (made by 3 members of the public and Alcohol Concern) about a separate poster campaign for i heart Wines, which was seen on the London Underground network in April and May 2018 (see here: https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2018/05/i-heart-wines-launches-new-campaign/). The ASA ruled that the ad could be interpreted by consumers as encouraging excessive drinking, due to the casual tone and playful font styles, colours and italics, of various statements made encouraging consumers to avoid excessive drinking, saying there was was “some kind of collusion between the advertiser and reader” that “trivialised “the idea of excessive drinking and were reminiscent of the justifications that could be given for it. It concluded that the ad could not appear in the same form again and told i heart Wines to ensure their future ads did not encourage excessive drinking.

    Arabella Mileham, retail editor, The Drinks Business

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