Carolina Wine Brands appoints new CEO

Chilean wine group Carolina Wine Brands has appointed Juan Cristóbal Sepúlveda as its new CEO, who is taking over from the former occupant, Santiago Larraín.

Sepúlveda started in his role earlier this year. Prior to joining the wine group, he was the new business manager for seven years at Watt’s agribusiness group, the parent company of the Carolina Wine Brands and its largest shareholder.

Sepúlveda was responsible for corporate acquisitions, including those of cheese brand Parcelas de Valdivia, dairy giant Danone and frozen food company Frutos del Maipo. He was also the CEO of Frutos del Maipo.

Before joining Watt’s, Sepúlveda was CEO of Procter & Gamble Chile where he worked for 19 years, holding various senior management positions in both finance and marketing. He later worked for building supply company Budnik as its CEO.

Santiago Larraín is moving to become the CEO of Watt’s after 10 years heading up Carolina Wine Brands. He will continue to be involved in the business and will sit on its board of directors.

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