The best 10 non-alcoholic beers to try in 2019

Nirvana beers – 0-0.3%

Nirvana lays claim to being the only brewery in the UK dedicated solely to the production of low and alcohol-free beers. Based in London, the team set out in 2017 to smash the assumption that non-alcoholic beers were dull, lacking in taste and variety. Today, it produces a range of low- and no-alcohol pale ales, lagers, stout and IPAs.

Its FitBeer (£1.89), a 0.3% Bavarian Helles lager, is aimed at the health market, carrying just 66 calories, but also a host of added health benefits too, rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid. Two of its 0% brews include Kosmic Stout (£2.29), offering chocolate notes and a hint of vanilla and malty Ovaltine quality, while its 0% Tantra Pale Ale (£2.29) is made with lightly roasted barley, creating a “caramel malt body that is balanced with a lingering crisp hop bitterness”.

All are available to buy at, and are an interesting addition to an increasingly diverse non-alcoholic beer market, with the big brewers tending to prioritise lager and pilsner-style brews.


17 Responses to “The best 10 non-alcoholic beers to try in 2019”

  1. darji mahendra says:


  2. mark haney says:

    This is by far the best NA beer out there. I quit using alcohol 38 years ago but still crave the taste of a cold brew once in awhile. I love this! Problem is, it’s not easy to find here in the USA. I finally found out that Walmart could order it for me with curbside service. Everyone else sells out as soon as it’s stocked. I bought 4 six pack bottles to make sure that I wouldn’t run out any time soon. My beer from now on!

    • Jae says:

      Which beer are you referring to?

    • f erg says:

      bro….maybe he is drinking again….dumbass

    • Cal Burke says:

      You are a TROLL BOT paid to advertise, who, WAL-MART ? Go back under the bridge little troll, or BOT, and leave us alone. Hope the Webmaster bans the bastards. And would not trust ANY ABev products. They were caught, and are being sued for, the BS backstory about Leffe, and it is NOT brewed in Belgium either, but Germany.
      Will: I will try the Heineken 0.0 if i can find it. Right now it’s Clausthaler only, though sometimes I mix 4 parts Clausthaler with 1 part Leffe Blonde.
      I call it: The Konfused Kraut

  3. Ted Long says:

    which beer are you talking about please

  4. Will Willows says:

    Just finished 6 Heineken 0.0 Do yourself a favor and get some. Good dry finish and familiar Heineken taste. NA for me.

  5. The information you provide is really useful, thank you

  6. IDN Live says:

    Nice article, waiting for you next article

  7. Mart Coop says:

    Why. Isn’t O’DOLE mentioned in the NA Beer category? To me, it has the real “Beer Taste” I like. The BUSCH NA, save your money, as is said, “You pay for what you get.”

  8. Robert fisher says:

    We ( my wife and I ) have trued most NAs . In our opinion , the best of all is Clausthaler Dry Hops. HANDS DOWN THE WINNRR!

  9. Sumesh says:

    Warsteiner Premium…. supper taste and feel really wonderful

  10. Derek Hayes says:

    Brewdog Punk LA IPA. Better than the majority of ‘normal’ beers. Absolutely love it’s really hoppy taste.

  11. idn live says:

    i like this page/positif

  12. Sayed Hamed says:

    Looking for non alcohol barley drink with different tastes to Houston, Texas 330 Ml

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