These are the 5 most attractive export markets for wine right now

Trade show group Prowein has published its annual survey which puts a microscope on the global wine industry.


The survey looks at current sales trends around the world, and predicts which countries will be particularly important to producers over the next year.

Researchers at Geisenheim University in Germany surveyed more than 2,300 experts in the wine trade from 46 countries on a number of different issues including international wine markets, marketing trends, developments in online wine sales and the economic situation.

The study covers the complete value chain of wine. Respondents included both wine producers (wine-growing estates, wineries, cooperatives) and intermediates (exporters and importers) and marketers (wholesalers, specialist retailers, hotels, and gastronomy), creating a “unique barometer” for the industry.

Each year, Prowein asks people which export markets they think are most attractive to their businesses. They are asked to rank their appeal on a four-point scale from -2 (not attractive at all) to +2 (very attractive).

The ranking is based on producers who either currently export or plan to sell their goods abroad over the next year.

This year, China, Canada and Australia have risen to the Top 7 while South Korea, Poland and Switzerland dropped in the listing.

Keep scrolling to see the five biggest export markets in the world right now.

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