Sager + Wilde and East London Liquor Company launch indie spirits brand

Michael Sager and Marcis Dzelzainis of Sager + Wilde, and Alex Wolpert of the East London Liquor Company, have joined forces to launch independent spirits brand, El Destilado.

Produced on a small scale, numbered batches in the El Destilado collection range from 70 to 420 bottles

Exploring the spirits of Latin America, the first El Destilado collection launches this month with thirteen agave and sugar cane distillates from Mexico.

El Destilado was born out of the trio’s time spent travelling in Latin America and a shared desire to curate a collection of spirits that express the terroir of the unique places and producers they encountered on their travels.

Michael Sager on the hunt for mezcal

Working with small, independent producers, El Destilado specialises in a diverse range of terroir-driven spirits that reflect the distinctive environment in which they are created.

Produced on a small scale, with numbered batches ranging from 70 to 420 bottles, El Destilado’s range captures the unique nature of each spirit, offering an ever-evolving collection of limited edition releases.

Design is central to El Destilado’s approach, with a focus on creating a clean look that brings provenance, people, places and processes to the fore.

According to El Destilado’s creative director, Charlie McKay, the minimal design “makes each bottle a sought-after and striking addition to a bar”.

The first collection from El Destilado features 11 agave and two sugar cane distillates from Mexico.

The agave distillates all come from mezcaleros working outside the confines of Mexico’s Mezcal Regulatory Council using ancestral artisanal techniques.

This inaugural collection is priced between £35 and £120 per 500ml bottle and is available through Speciality Drinks.

“I’m really excited about this project. We buy our mezcal in tiny quantities, so feel like we’re making a difference to the lives of the makers,” Michael Sager told db.

Sager revealed that the company also plans to release a trio of rums from Chiapa and a triple sec made from Colombian oranges.

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