Rival distillers on the Isle of Man row over TT motorcycle race sponsorship

18th October, 2018 by Edith Hancock

Two out of three distilleries on the Isle of Man are at war over the sponsorship of the tiny island’s annual TT motorcycle race.

The Isle of Man TT is of the island’s biggest tourist attractions.
(Photo: Jonathan Camp/Flickr)

The Isle of Man is home to just under 85,000 people, but each year thousands travel to the rocky outpost — which has UNESCO heritage status — for the annual TT races, often called one of the most dangerous racing events in the world.

It has certainly proved dangerous for entrepreneurs in the isle’s extremely small but highly competitive spirits industry, as its oldest-running vodka maker has disputed a new rival’s right to sponsor a TT competitor.

A complaint about Cronk Y Voddy — a….

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