Analysing the trends from 2017’s Liv-ex Power 100

Liv-ex Power 100: Methodology

To calculate the scores, Liv-ex took a list of all wines that traded on Liv-ex in the last year (from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017) and grouped these by brand. It then identified brands that had traded at least three wines or vintages, and had a total trade value of at least £10,000.

Brands were ranked using four criteria: year-on-year price performance (based on the market price for a case of wine on 1 September 2016 with its market price on 31 August 2017); trading performance on Liv-ex (by value and volume); number of wines and vintages traded; and average price of the wines in a brand.

More than 4,000 different wines/vintages were traded. These were grouped into 769 brands, of which 218 qualified for the final calculation. The individual rankings were combined with a weighting of 1 for each criteria, except trading performance, which had a weighting of 1.5 (as it combined two criteria). The final 100 brands accounted for 2,349 unique wines that traded, and from the 218 brands that qualified, there were 3,377 wines.

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