Top 10 new drinks books

The Modern Cocktail by Matt Whiley, £25, published by Jacqui Small

Don’t be fooled by the understated grey cover – liquid alchemist Matt Whiley, also known as the Talented Mr. Fox, may be understated, but he’s one of the most forward-thinking brains in the industry creating thrillingly novel cocktail concepts that push the conversation forward.

Taking both a scientific and culinary approach to cocktails, Whiley’s creations are made with complex kit, so distilling his methods into something bite-sized and approachable for mere mortals must have been quite an ask.

In his book, foraging fanatic Whiley charts the evolution of both the modern bartender and contemporary cocktails. He spends a lot of time explaining flavour and the five key tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami, which he breaks down further into the sub-categories of: dry, herbaceous, fruity, floral, aromatic, mineral, smoky and nutty.

There are also sections on the basic cocktail equipment and glassware you’ll need for your creations. Cocktails are handily grouped by spirit: gin, vodka, whisky, vermouth and everything else. Why not try your hand at a Monster Munch Gibson, Peanut Colada or Foraged Negroni…

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