Spanish company releases sparkling wine flavoured crisps

The march of alcohol-flavoured foodstuffs goes on and on following the announcement by a Spanish company that it has created sparkling wine flavoured crisps.

The gourmet snacks company, Torres – not the famous Spanish wine producer by the same name – said the new type of crisps combines the taste profiles of sparkling wine, giving them a fruity flavour and “a slight bubbling effect”.

Made from sparkling wine flavouring (6%) and popping candy (1%), the inventive chips are said to have “a deep, crispy crunch with fruity notes that lightly pop”.

In addition to the sparkling wine crisps, the other products in the range include black truffle and Iberian ham flavoured crisps.

The sparkling wine crisps are just the latest in a string of wine and other alcohol-related flavourings across all manner of products.

Recent products have included Negroni-flavoured crisps, Prosecco-flavoured tea and whiskey-flavoured coffee.

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