Balearics ban booze at the bullfight

Bullfighting in the Balearic Islands is to become bloodless and booze-less after new regulations were voted in this week.

On Monday 24 July, the parliament of the Balearic Islands voted to ban not only the killing of bulls in corridas but also the consumption of alcohol during them as well.

The new regulations mean that at bullfights on Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera, bulls will no longer be killed in the ring and are not permitted to be ‘fought’ for more than 10 minutes, while the bullfight as a whole is not to exceed 30 minutes.

Both bulls and matadors will have to undergo anti-doping tests as well.

The new regulations don’t just cover what goes on in the ring however but also among spectators.

Bullfights will now only be open to those over 18 years old and the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages inside stadia is completely banned.

Fines of up to €100,000 can be passed if an animal is hurt during a fight or minors are found in the venue.

Largely supported and passed by members of left-wing parliamentary parties, the regulations have met with opposition from more conservative groups who say the laws are purpose made to make the holding of bullfights all but impossible for organisers.

Miquel Jerez, the leader of the Popular Party and the islands’ deputy said he would be seeking to overturn the new restrictions.

Bullfighting is protected under the Spanish constitution as it is considered part of the national cultural heritage. In France and Portugal the killing of bulls at traditional bullfights has been banned for decades.

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