Napa Cabernet prices at worryingly high levels

8th June, 2017 by Lucy Shaw

The price of Cabernet grapes in Napa is at an all-time high, with experts warning that some appellations in the region are “in jeopardy of becoming mono-varietal”.

King Cabernet – prices of Cabernet in Napa are at an all-time high

As reported by Wines & Vines, prices and demand for Cabernet grapes shrunk during the 2008 recession but have been on the rise since 2010 with Napa fruit now selling for up to $7,000 a tonne.

“Any land in the Napa Valley that can be planted to Cabernet and produce a good crop of Cabernet is being planted today, and they can make a call and sell the fruit for $7,000,” Tony Correia, president of consultancy firm The Correia Co., said during the….

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3 Responses to “Napa Cabernet prices at worryingly high levels”

  1. Rick Carney says:

    I think that the price of Napa Cabernet is reaching exceedingly, outrageous high prices. That bubble will burst at some point. Between growers demanding higher priced per ton and wineries using cionsulting winemakers , Cabernet will only be for the wealthy .

    But what happens when people realize there are other options out there. Top it off with the pain in the ass created by outrageous traffic and greed and Napa may dig its own grave.

  2. Just what the American wine drinker needs… more mediocre $100+ Napa cab.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You cannot find decent grapes for $7k/ton anywhere in Napa. The real high quality grapes are north of $18k+/ton. If you want A.B. Cabernet Grapes you are over double that…..Yes almost $40k/ton!!! And there is a line out the door to buy them if you don’t. Small Producers cannot sustain a viable business without a $150-$250+ range. It’s frustrating for producers and consumers. I will say though. With that said, the high end Cabernet’s being produced in Napa today are the best quality they have ever been.

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