Top 10 Bordeaux export markets in 2016

4. UK

Position by volume: 4th
Position by value: 4th
Exports by volume: 165,000hl (-10%)
Exports by value: €151m (-26%)

Bordeaux volumes to the UK have been in uneven decline for over a decade now. In 2005 volume exports were 253,000hl, in 2015 184,000hl and volumes dipped 10% in 2016 to 165,000hl.

The CIVB states: “Since the global economic crisis (2008-2009), the level of exports to the United Kingdom has been unsteady. Bordeaux wine exports continued their downturn in 2016 in both volume and value due to a change in the export market structure to the detriment of high-end wines.” (CIVB’s bold)

Indeed, a staggering 47% of Bordeaux wines exported to the UK cost less than €3 per litre ex-cellar, a sure sign of the buying power of the powerful multiple grocers and the largest proportion by far out of the top 10 presented here.

Otherwise, 18% of exports were in the €3-€4.5/l bracket, 21% were priced between €4.5-€9/l and 14% above €9/l.

The UK is, however, the largest European market for Bordeaux white wines.

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