Top 10 Bordeaux export markets in 2016

5. Germany

Position by volume: 5th
Position by value: 7th
Exports by volume: 162,000hl (-18%)
Exports by value: €92m (-21%)

After a bumper 2014 which was largely the result of “a discounter making large-scale summer purchases”, the trend for Bordeaux wines in Germany has been consistently downwards since 2012/13.

It remains the third largest European market by volume however and Bordeaux accounts for 45% of all French AOC still wines by volume imported into Germany and 48% of the value.

In terms of wines by price Germany is fairly evenly weighted, with a core of wines (37%) costing €3-€4.5 per litre ex-cellar and the <€3/l and €4.5-€9/l categories commanding 27% each.

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