Dry whites will save sweet Sauternes

28th April, 2017 by Rupert Millar

The pursuit of making high quality dry white wines in Sauternes will help the survival of the region’s under-appreciated sweet wines thinks AXA Millèsimes’ managing director, Christian Seely.


Speaking to the drinks business yesterday (27 April), Seely, who manages Château Suduiraut as part of AXA’s portfolio of properties, said he was not “in despair” at the current state of Sauternes’ seemingly chronic position in the market but he was also well aware of the “difficulties we face”.

He continued: “They’re great and beautiful wines and that’s a reason not to despair. People love them [when they taste them] and that’s the basis for hope.

The problem is people don’t drink as much at home as we’d like.”

Sauternes producers have been in an unenviable….

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