Top five unexpectedly expensive Chinese wines

Château Rongzi Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon

Located in Xiangning County in Shanxi province of northwestern China, a place most known for its coal mines and the vast Loess Plateau, Rongzi was founded in 2007 by Zhang Wenquan, a coal mining magnet-turned-vintner.

The winery hired former winemaker of Pétrus, Jean-Claude Berrouet, to consult for its wines and it is most known for its Cabernet-based reds. Rongzi produces a few ranges of wines including the Black Label, Purple Label and Le Cordorn Bleu Label, but the most expensive one is its Yellow Label, a 100% Cabernet that sells for a whopping RMB 3,288 (US$476). A relatively cheaper Cabernet from its ‘Deep Coffee Colour’ label costs RMB 1,368 (US$200).

2 Responses to “Top five unexpectedly expensive Chinese wines”

  1. table wine says:

    Luxury Brands are the worst thing that there is in wine. Just been sick in my mouth thinking about it actually…..

  2. table wine says:

    ‘Compared with other wines made in the region, the biggest draw for the wine is its association with China’s ancient and mysterious kingdom known as Loulan that was swallowed by shifting sands about 1,400 years ago, lending it the name – The Lost Kingdom in Taklamakan.’ Nothing to do with wine but lets charge £300 quid for it anyway. Bollocks

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