Spain’s top women winemakers

Cristina Forner 


Cristina Forner is the third generation of the Forner family to work in wine, the second at Marqués de Cáceres, which her father founded in 1970 with Emile Peynaud, a friend from his time in Bordeaux.

Taking over the running of her family business from her father in 2007, Forner immediately made her mark. She is known for her enthusiasm, passion for perfection and drive to promote Rioja and its brands.

“Arriving in Logroño from Paris 30 years ago, it’s taken sacrifice, hard work and drive to open new markets and strengthen existing ones. Today we export to 120 countries,” says Forner, a prominent figure in Rioja Alta, who has travelled the world promoting her wines.

What made you want to work inn the wine industry? While I was living in Paris, my father asked me to work for Marqués de Cáceres. Founded in 1970, the bodega was in the phase of developing existing distributors and conquering new export markets.

I had to think seriously hard about his proposal, for moving from Paris to Logroño involved a considerable cultural change, as well as a personal challenge. Once I made my decision, I travelled the world for 14 years to spread the news of our wines’ potential, transmit our culture and passion, and to open and develop distribution channels on an international scale.

What is the proudest moment of your career so far? When I understood I had the opportunity to follow in my father’s footsteps and maintain our family business that dates back three generations. My family devoted themselves to wine in body and soul and set an example that deserved to be continued.

Has it been tough getting to the top of a male dominated industry? I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with my father who was very hard working and a perfectionist. Humility and conviction taught me that women have the capacity to develop and grow in a male world.

What would you still like to achieve in your career? I’d like to open consumers’ eyes to the beauty of wine, a world filled with people who dedicate a lifetime to cultivating their vineyards with hopeful anticipation and enthusiasm.

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8 Responses to “Spain’s top women winemakers”

  1. Jose Ruisanchez says:

    thanks and you should have mentioned Doña Maria of Montebello/Osborne, a true pathbreaker for the others

  2. Ana says:

    I am very happy when I see a woman leading wine projects with such a success. Congratulations!!

  3. Jacob says:

    Daphne Gloria is not spaniard, should not have been included. She is a US citizen born in Switzerland, making 1 wine in Spain, and selling spanish wines in the United States of America.

  4. Women should not be downgraded from mere housewife alone. Even a housewife is a hard job, it’s a 24/7 workout. Now with regards to winemaking, it doesn’t state in any book or any law that a woman cannot be a winemaker. If a woman is equipped with the knowledge of doing so then so be it. Whether winemaker, engineer, carpenter, driver or any hard our jobs, we should acknowledge equality whatever genre we are in.

  5. Woman should come in front of the society without minding all restrictions from the family and the society. This article really an inspiration for woman who want to break the wall of restrictions. waiting for more posts like this.

  6. Feeling very proud to hear this.A women can do any thing.Very glad to hear that a women can lead something and made a success.It will be very inspiring for the whole other women community.

  7. showbox apk says:

    Really such a amazing post dear.

  8. chrisgail says:

    I want to say those women congratulation on their success.

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