Six of the best terroir-focused Villány wineries

4. Gere Winery

GereOne of the most respected winemaking names in Villány, and indeed Hungary, Attila Gere leads a seventh-generation winemaking family. During the communist era the Gere family’s vineyards were nationalised. Then after the collapse of the communist regime at the beginning of the 90s, family winemaking enterprises re-appeared in Villány. Gere was one of the first.

Gere winery consists of 70ha of vines on some of the most highly prized slopes of Villány – Kopár (one of the best sites for Cabernet, used for Gere’s flagship ‘Kopár’ cuvée  – predominantly Dolomite limestone and used for vine-growing since Roman times), Konkoly (loess and red clay on Dolomite limestone; slightly higher, and cooler, than Kopár),  Ördögárok (similar to Konkoly) and Csillagvölgy (humus carbonate soil on limestone base).

In 2002 Gere opened built a new winery and cellar, and the family’s commitment to producing fresh, refined, terroir-focused wines for the modern international market is very apparent. Attila Gere’s daughter, Andrea, is an energetic and highly effective spokesperson not just for Gere Winery but for the Villány region as a whole.

While Gere’s wines can be very powerful (eg, Kopár), clearly a lot of care is taken to ensure balance, while respect for nature, organic farming (fully organic since 2010), careful control of picking and grape selection all contribute to producing wines that express the Villány terroir very well.

Gere has made its name producing premium Cabernet Franc and Bordeaux-style reds, however it is also conducting some very interesting experiments with rare indigenous varieties. One such is Járdovány, a light Nebbiolo-like red of which there are fewer than 2ha in existence – all owned by Gere. Made for the first time in the 2012 vintage, this is a wine which shows great potential.

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