Top 10 London venues with wine on tap

5. Tate Modern

Under the stewardship of Hamish Anderson, the Tate wine offering is one of the most enterprising in London – nowhere more so than in its wine on tap.

As part of its commitment to become more environmentally sustainable, Tate last year shipped 25,000 bottles of house white, red and rosé to the UK, which it has converted to being dispensed by 30-litre KeyKeg.

From June the Tate Modern Bar, Kitchen & Bar and Café have been serving a white, red and rosé from keg. There’s a bright, juicy Bobal red from Valencia along with a delicate rosé from the same estate, while the white is a fragrant Verdejo from Castilla La Mancha.

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  1. martin Heap says:

    I am very keen on on th en vrac idea for my venture in Deptford south East london i need to know more

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