The Drinks Business Green Awards 2016: the winners

Green Retailer of the Year

Winner: Borough Wines

borough-winesBorough Wines’ commitment to environmentally friendly ways of working was established from its inception in 2002 through its ‘From the Barrel’ wine refill system. Inspired by the ‘Cleanskin’ wines popular in Australia, this system involves buying wine in bulk from existing suppliers and selling it to customers from tap in reusable bottles. Representing around 10% of all wine bought in Borough Wines shops, this equates to around 13,000 fewer bottles having to go to the bottle bank each year. Transport is also more efficient, with 36% fewer pallets needed compared with the bottled equivalent.

A development over the last 12 months is that through significant investment the company has been converting from BiB to recyclable keg format for its refill wine, which enables it to preserve quality in larger quantities of wine, minimising waste yet further.

When it comes to bottled wines, judges praised Borough Wines for its consistent commitment to seeking out and promoting wines made in a sustainable way, as evidenced by its growing range of organic, biodynamic and low-intervention wines.

Borough Wines’ commitment to importing directly (around 70% of its range) and collaborating with other independents also helps to minimise transport needs, reducing environmental impact.

Other recent developments include the introduction of a delivery service which uses electric bikes to courier bottles to our customers, while next month the company will be introducing new ‘not’ plastic bags in all of its stores made from GM-free, bio-degradeable corn starch – all of which made Borough Wines the standout nominee in this category.

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  1. Sarah Avery says:

    This is such wonderful news, thoroughly deserved as we were able to witness on our visit to you earlier this year, following in John’s footsteps 50 years ago. Mimi and I were very, very grateful you were able to take yourself away from whatever work you were doing at the time to come over and greet us in your exceptionally wonderful winery and vineyard, … thank you again for that!

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