The Drinks Business Green Awards 2016: the winners

15th November, 2016 by Patrick Schmitt

Green Company of the Year

Winner: VSPT Wine Group

Sustainability is woven into the ethos of Chilean giant VSPT and the company’s comprehensive approach to reducing its impact on the environment made it a clear winner. The opening of a Biogas Plant this year was an industry first, with the winery now generating electricity and natural fertilizer from its own vineyard’s waste material, but it has ticked a lot of other boxes – from lightweight packaging, to solar energy, biodiversity programmes to helping its suppliers with sustainability. As the judges pointed out, its significant reduction of water use in the vineyard is importantly for Chile, and there is evidence of large savings in the last 12 months.

Commendation: Glengoyne Distillery

Scotch distillery Glengoyne deserves a special mention for its….

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One Response to “The Drinks Business Green Awards 2016: the winners”

  1. Sarah Avery says:

    This is such wonderful news, thoroughly deserved as we were able to witness on our visit to you earlier this year, following in John’s footsteps 50 years ago. Mimi and I were very, very grateful you were able to take yourself away from whatever work you were doing at the time to come over and greet us in your exceptionally wonderful winery and vineyard, … thank you again for that!

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