Top 10 London wine lists by range

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How does one assess the quality of a restaurant’s wine list? Wine List Confidential uses a simple 100-point scale, scoring restaurants on the key aspects of their wine offering – from pricing and service, to the range, size and originality of the selection – then using this data to create an overall score for every restaurant reviewed.

This top 10 focuses on restaurants which have scored highly for the range of wines they offer. So what does ‘range’ encompass?

A list will naturally score highly here if there is a good spread of countries and wine styles from across the world, but then so may selections which focus on wines from a single country, showing a depth and complexity within a narrower template.

A particular regional focus and strength is a plus point here, as are perhaps in-depth listings of particular producers or tempting verticals of iconic domaines.

Lists which show a singularity and clear stylistic choices made, as opposed to adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach, will get a thumbs up here too.

Of the 350+ London entries on Wine List Confidential, in the pages that follow we present the top 10 based on range…

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