South Africa’s top 10 fastest-growing grape plantings

8. Villard Blanc


2011: 234.82 ha

2015: 319.20 ha

Number of hectares added: 84.38

% change: 35.9%

Villard Blanc is described as a “light-skinned French hybrid in decline, but still widely scattered around the globe” in Jancis Robinson’s Wine Grapes. A crossing of Seibel 6468 with Subéreux, throughout the 1960s it was one of the most planted varieties in France, but plantings have dramatically declined since then. As of 2008, there were just 249 hectares planted in France. The high-yielding grape offers similar characteristics to Sauvignon Blanc, but with less concentration and aromatics.

Fun fact: As of 2010, Villard Blanc was approved for the production of “grape spirit, husk spirit, premium husk spirit and brandy”, as well as a cultivar for still wines, in South Africa, which may explain its increase in plantings.

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  1. Isaac says:

    I want to farm grape in Ghana, I want the one that is very sweet without seed.
    Could you please help me with contacts in South Africa where I can get grape plant to develop my seeding for planting.

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