Bibendum relaunches Plonk wine app

Bibendum has relaunched its educational wine app, Plonk, to “focus on the drinking occasion” as it attempts to create an engaged community of wine drinkers.

Bibendum's relaunched Plonk wine app aims to (Photo: Bibendum)

Bibendum’s relaunched Plonk wine app aims to create an engaged community of wine drinkers while maintaining its original educational focus (Photo: Bibendum)

The new photo-centric app is said to be more lifestyle-focused than the previous version and will use images for the first time. The app allows users to upload images to help them remember the wine they are drinking by capturing the moment at which they were drinking it.

A spokesperson for Bibendum said that the updated app, which is available now via the App Store and Google Play, has undergone a “compete image overhaul”, with a new photographic element also allowing users to look at other people’s wines and receive wine recommendations.

The app allows users to record the name, vintage, grape varieties and flavours of the wine they are drinking alongside an image of the wine and the named occasion. The app also allows users to discover other wines by exploring posts from fellow wine lovers. 

Retaining much of the original Plonk content, the app will continue to provide an educational element, including information on different grape varieties, “quirky” facts about grapes and styles, and recommended food matches. 

With the updated Plonk app users can:

– Take the ‘Taste Test’ to find out the kinds of wines they might like to drink.

– Create a gallery of ‘Wine Moments’ by uploading images from any wine occasion, tagging what they have been drinking, rating it and sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. 

– Explore other wine lovers’ photos to find out which wines other people with similar tastes have enjoyed.

– Discover more about grapes, styles and food matches

“Despite the fact that lots of people regularly drink wine, restaurant wine lists and the wall of wines on the supermarket shelves continue to intimidate and overwhelm,” said Brenda Kelly, Bibendum head of marketing.

“Unlike any wine apps currently on the market, Plonk taps in to the fun side of wine by tapping into the social occasion, helping users grow in confidence and making learning part of the fun when they are out and drinking.” 

The original Plonk app was launched in 2014 and was designed to help consumers in their wine buying decisions. The app also featured a map, created from a survey of 50,000 users, which tracked grape variety preferences across London.

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