Tim Peake welcomed home with roast dinner portrait

A UK pub chain has marked Tim Peake’s impending return to earth by creating a portrait of the astronaut made entirely from roast dinner ingredients.


Dubbed the “Gastronaut”, the four foot, 12 kilo creation was designed by food artist Prudence Staite and took two hours to construct.

The portrait, which depicts Tim Peak giving the thumbs up, is made from 2.5kg of roast potatoes, 500g of carrots, 400g of garden peas, 3kg cauliflower, 46 Yorkshire puddings, 2.5kg of meat and 1 litre of gravy.

Hungry Horse, which owns 220 pubs throughout the UK, commissioned the portrait to celebrate the astronaut’s return to earth this Saturday, 18 June.



“It’s been so exciting to follow Tim’s journey with our guests over the last six months and to see how he has become an inspiration for adults and children of all ages,” a spokesperson said.

“We’re big fans of the traditional roast dinner, so after hearing it was also one of Tim’s all-time favourite meals, we wanted to commemorate his return to earth with a gastronomical memento to celebrate his achievements.


The pub chain has also offered Tim and his family free roast dinners for life when he returns to earth.



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