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1704: Eugene meets Marlborough – The Sun, Mündelsheim

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Mündelsheim on the Neckar – not the Mosel

The little town of Mündelsheim on the Neckar in Baden–Württemberg prides itself on its wine heritage.

Like many other wine-producing towns and villages across the German wine regions the surrounding countryside is covered in vineyards and coupled with the looping oxbows of the Neckar river, at first glance you might be mistaken for thinking you were looking at part of the upper Mosel.

Mündelsheim may not yet have achieved the viticultural fame of the Mosel or Rheingau but its local ‘gasthaus’ has another claim to fame.

The Sun inn near the centre of the town (and standing to this day) was where one of the greatest pairings of military minds occurred on 10 June 1704.

The generals in question were Sir John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy.

The two generals had come together to link their two armies and counter a French advance on Vienna, which threatened to knock Austria out of the War of the Spanish Succession.

the sun mundelsheim

The sign outside the “Sönne” gasthaus where Marlborough and Eugene met

Thus united they marched on the now rapidly retreating Franco-Bavarian army and decisively defeated it at the Battle of Blenheim.

They would go on to record other famous victories at Oudenaarde and Malplaquet becoming two of the most famous and celebrated commanders of their age.

Their first great victory at Blenheim made both it and Marlborough household names in Britain and we know which wine-producing region in New Zealand was named after it don’t we?

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  1. Philip Johnson says:

    Nell Gwynn cumly? How very revealing, Dictionary or decent sub-editor required.

  2. jenna says:

    It was the other way around. Rosalind Franklin first showed the X-ray experiment. Then Watson and Crick get “inspired” to postulate the double helix. #womeninscience…

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