Bulleit releases Bourbon-infused coffee

Bulleit Bourbon has released a limited edition Bourbon-infused coffee in partnership with London coffee house, The Gentleman Baristas.


The limited-edition Gentlemen Baristas X Bulleit coffee is made with beans that have rested for 14 days in American oak single-fill ex-bourbon casks to allow the “spicy flavour notes of the Kentucky whiskey to blend with the beans’ natural character”. Two blends of the bourbon barrel-aged coffee have been created – one for espresso and one for filter coffees.

The Trucker is an espresso coffee made using single-origin beans from Los Hernandez in El Salvador. The Gatsby meanwhile it intended for use as a filter coffee using single-origin beans from Cuacacayo in Colombia.

“The flavour is both unique and incredible, with a gentle whiskey aroma and flavour coming through, whilst also maintaining the character of the coffee beans”, said fine foods emporium World of Zing of the blend, which is selling the limited edition beans via its website.

The coffee, unveiled at last week’s London Coffee Festival, is also being sold from The Gentlemen Barista’s coffee house in Southwark and at bars including Callooh Callay.

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