Top 10 food and beer pairings

7. A Belgian pale ale and crab Scotch egg with fennel and apple

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 13.33.27I recently hosted an evening with Tom Brown, head chef at Nathan Outlaw’s London restaurant, Outlaw’s at The Capital, where we matched these.

The event was a brilliant chance for us to showcase how beer can be a strong alternative to wine, with any level of cooking – even fine dining.

Belgian pale ales have a distinctive but delicate flavour. They often have a Champagne-like aroma, meaning they work very well with seafood and cut through the flavour of crab brilliantly. This delicious dish is served with a carb bisque-style sauce.

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  1. PP says:

    Great article.. it is time people stop looking automatically to wine and start considering beer options when having a nice meal. It is great to get some tips and guidance to help lead people to the vast and versatile world of nice beer and food.

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