Top 9 alcoholic sweet treats


WineCollection_1024x1024For many a glass of wine and a box of chocolates is the ultimate weekend indulgence, so a combination of the two seems wholly appropriate. Trendy chocolate shop Hotel Chocolat offers a host of booze-inspired truffles, from classic Champagne and dark rum to Amaretto almond sultanas coated in milk chocolate.

However while spirits-based chocolates and liqueurs have long been common, wine-flavoured chocolates have been less so. One company taking on the challenge is New York-based 2 Chicks with Chocolate, run by a mother and daughter duo. They offer a 12-piece “Wine BonBon” chocolate collection continuing flavours of Blend Wine Caramel, Tempranillo Ganache, Spicy Merlot and Cabernet Caramels. The company’s Spicy Merlot Bon Bon is filled with chocolate ganache, infused with Merlot, cinnamon and orange and finished with a touch of black peppercorn.

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