Larger than life: Profiling Parker

People refer to wines as “Parkerised” – how does it feel to be a verb?

Robert Parker is to step down as editor-in-chief of The Wine Advocate

It’s amusing. There’s part of it that’s gratifying, and there’s a part that sees people judging your work without reading your books or your publications, judging you in emotional black-and-white terms – “Either you like him or you don’t like him”, “He’s too powerful”, and so on. I see it as part of the territory. And Parkerised, the general meaning of it is negative in connotation. My daughter certainly laughed at it, but there was a cartoon book done on me, called The Seven Heady Sins of Robert Parker, and it was well done, and actually quite amusing, but I ended up being found guilty of all seven and sentenced to drink Riesling for the rest of my life.

You’ve said in the past that they build you up so they can bring you down. Is that true?

That’s true with anybody. That’s part of the culture in any country. First you are a discovery, then you’re a young buck and you’re doing something different, and you’re passionate, energised, then you have a lot of success, and then people start to say you are overrated, that you have too much influence, and then they start to pigeon-hole your taste. I totally agree with that. I do the same thing with people. For instance I make my own conclusions about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and yet I’ve never met them.

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  1. Cyrene says:

    A Hard-working man, modest, with a solid sense of humor, who love wines and food, with a true dignity and a sense of honesty that most journalists could only dream of. He did a lot for the world, getting dozens of millions to understand and aprreciate wine. Thank you Sir Robert, for what you have done and for always being true to your word. The wine world owes you a colossal statue to show its gratitude.

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