Eight of the world’s oldest wineries

Boschendal Winery, Franschhoek, South Africa – 1688


With a French viticultural heritage dating back to 1688 with the arrival of the French Huguenots, Boschendal is one of South Africa’s oldest wine estates. Not much is known about the estate’s first owner, however what is known is that the estate was sold to Abraham de Villiers in 1688 – whose family presided over it until 1879. It passed through a number of owners before being purchased by a consortium of investors in 2003 named The Boschendal Treasury Trust. Today the estate is recognised as a national monument and produces a wide range of well-regarded wines.

4 Responses to “Eight of the world’s oldest wineries”

  1. Rastko Fajndovic says:

    What about Château Haut Brion, The Pontac’s Head and Samuel Pepys?

  2. CHATEAU LA NERTHE (Chateauneuf-du-Pape): first written record 1560, likely to have been established over a century earlier…

  3. Katja says:

    It was not Armenia but Georgia actually. Get your facts straight 😉

  4. Hilda says:

    Growing grapes goes back to 8000 BC and the first people who made wine were Armenians in Areni-1 Cave Complex 6100 BC.

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