Top 10 celebrity drinks brands

Celebrities and alcohol have long enjoyed a mutually useful relationship with brands benefitting from a much-needed sprinkle of star dust and celebrities a dose of well-placed exposure.


From David Beckham and Justin Timberlake to Jude Law, the drinks industry has attracted no end of A-list stars keen to show their support for their favourite tipple.

Every year a host of stars sign lucrative deals to lend their face to global drinks brands or, in some cases, launch their own brands such as Ghosbusters legend Dan Ackyroyd, along with a plethora of actors and musicians turned winemakers. 

Sponsorship deals are by no means anything new, but a trend which has long helped the drinks industry to keep ahead in an increasingly trend-setting and competitive industry.

This year saw a slew of celebrities pop open a bottle and mark their support for their favourite brand, be it a wine, spirit or liqueur, while the industry has come up with ever more creative ways to sell their brand.

Several short films created by renowned directors have been released by several brands this year which you could argue would be more at home on the big screen than the TV set, with Oscar nominated talent to boot.

Read on for our top 10 most recent celebrity drinks hook-ups. Get in touch if you think we’ve missed anyone off the list…

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