Winebird’s top 10 Vinalogies

3: Malbec – The polo player

The barbecue is fired up and it’s not just the steaks that are sizzling. As the aroma of grilled steak fills the air in that sunny, open field, you spot them on the sidelines before the match: the beautiful people, the polo players.

Mr and Mrs Malbec are smooth seduction in a bottle. Wearing distinctive, raspberry-pink team shirts that only their kind can get away with, they’re toned and athletic rather than rugby-player chunky, with lustrous, silky hair that you can’t help but want to stroke. One of them looks at you, intense and concentrated, with cocoa-coloured eyes framed by soft, long lashes. A rogue polo ball has left a blueberry-coloured bruise on their cheek.

Yes, Malbec certainly grabs the attention. There are not many grapes that you can recognise in the glass just by looking at them, but Malbec is one: concentrated to the point of being opaque, with bright, raspberry-pink tears that will drip down your glass. With a lean and firm structure, Malbec will seduce you with silky tannins, fresh blueberry tones, a touch of grilled meat and a soft flourish of chocolate.

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