Top 10 wine trends for 2014

 9. Legislation and taxation will continue to increase globally

Layout 1Legislation and taxation are likely to follow an upward curve globally as the agendas of the legislators and health lobbies continue to squeeze the wine trade in both mature and developing wine markets. Parallels with the tobacco industry are hard to ignore, where punitive measures including draconian price hikes, hard hitting visual health warnings and bans on both advertising and visibility on shelves have impacted an industry that sells a similarly legal and intoxicating product.

“Remember that tobacco used to be a glamour business,” says Ian Johnston, head of combustible innovations at British American Tobacco. Johnston continued: “Pricing is the most powerful tool in reducing consumption, and our experience is that regulations also cross borders very quickly.”

Health organisations, including WHO, have become increasingly vocal about “Big Booze” as the next target after “Big Tobacco” and 2014 will see the collective wine trade waking up to this challenge.

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