Nino Franco photo competition

Prosecco, Clementines, Summer Heat

Nino Franco photography competition

This photograph came from Monica Dix in Florida.

Artist’s statement: Every Sunday morning, in the deep south of Florida, my husband Daniel and I make Prosecco “mimosa” with fresh juice. After espresso and cooking breakfast, we let the Prosecco take us back to summer in Italy, even while our four daughters sprawl on the cool floor with blankets, books, and cartoons. For a moment, we are back on our open-ended bike trip, when he proposed to me in a restaurant in Firenze (who could say ‘no’?), and our daily cafe breakfast was pastry and coffee before we biked to the next Italian town. Then, and here, we surrender to the summer heat. Now, instead of hoarding our oranges and saving our Prosecco for special days of breakfast-in-bed, we have a ritual of fresh sparkling and sweetness. Every Sunday.

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