Top 10 brands ruling social media

1 – Heineken

HeinekenTwitter 56k following, 2k tweets –

Facebook 11.8m likes, 335k talking about –

Heineken’s digital presence was given a “Genius” status in the L2 think tank’s recent report and it has the largest Facebook presence of any alcohol brand. Its Facebook page brings together Heineken drinkers from all over the world and looks to promote the brand’s history as well as highlight its marketing campaigns.

Heineken’s senior brand director, Olga Osminkina, recently told CNBC “We don’t want people to leave us behind by just pressing Like. That’s not the end, that’s the beginning. One of the number one drivers of conversation in the beverage industry is relevancy, and the idea that ‘this brand speaks to me’ and that all starts with a dialogue with the consumer.”

She added: “One of the things we learned was that the Heineken consumer forgets what Heineken’s backstory is and the richness of tradition behind Heineken.”

In 2012 Heineken allocated 15% of its overall marketing budget to social media and CNBC reported that: “On Twitter, Heineken routinely has the highest share of voice based on average mentions when measured against other major beer brands.”

On Facebook the brand promotes its sponsorship of events like the Champions League and asks its fans to predict scores and outcomes of football matches in the competition. But for all that effort and engagement the photograph shown here is the most liked posting of the last month on Heineken’s Facebook page, gaining over 33,000 likes.

In speaking to CNBC Osminkina highlighted the brand’s social media strategy. She said: “We are a big brand and the challenge is to make sure we keep our message consistent and clear to consumers. There is so much opportunity to engage and to have a conversation and it’s not a one way street like when you are on TV.”

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  1. Ness says:

    Nice to see Eastern European born brands so high here 🙂

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