McGuigan makes life easier for shoppers

McGuigan Wine this month re-launches its McGuigan Classic range in the UK with new labels designed to make the supermarket wine aisle easier to navigate.

Following extensive research, which included a blind tasting involving over 1,000 volunteers across five UK cities, the wine producer drew some positive conclusions about UK consumers’ level of wine knowledge.

Over three quarters of volunteers surveyed (77%) were able to identify the key fruit notes and characteristics in a glass of wine, when asked to taste it blind. Meanwhile nearly a third (28%), could, when prompted, identify the specific wine type that they had just tasted.

As part of its campaign to “put the fun back into wine drinking”, McGuigan has created a series of “real” tasting notes, from real people.

Each of the wines in the relaunched range now has a video tasting note with members of the public sharing their own interpretations of the McGuigan Classic range.

Paul Schaafsma, UK and European general manager for Australian Vintage, which owns the brand, said: “At McGuigan we are focused on the changing needs of our customers, and are constantly looking at ways to make their lives easier.

“As our current research shows, consumers can identify the key characteristics in a glass of wine, they know what they like, yet many find the whole wine buying experience intimidating; they’re confronted by an ocean of bottles in the supermarket wine aisles and a sea of ‘wine speak’ that doesn’t mean anything to them.

“With this in mind, we took a look at the labelling on our classic range and decided to create a simple label, to demystify the wine buying process, and make wine buying easier.

“For all seven varietals in the McGuigan Classic range we’ve chose three key words that described the style, texture and fruits notes within the bottle and included them on the front of pack so our customers know whether or not it’s the wine for them within a few seconds.”

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