Oxford Landing tube plans scuppered

Oxford Landing’s plans to turn Oxford Circus tube station into a vineyard have sadly fallen flat.

oxford.jpgThe Australian brand had plans to rename the underground station Oxford Landing, plant vines at the entrance, cover the walls with posters of vines and even make the platforms look like dirt-covered tracks.

The idea came about after England won the Ashes earlier this year and the brand’s general manager, Brenton Fry, thought it would be a way for Aussies to get their own back in a small way.

Unfortunately, Transport For London was not impressed with the idea and talks fell through.

What started as a joke came a long way however, with advertising agencies such as KWP! Adelaide and Wolfstar Consultancy all contributing to the planning.

Click here for a short video on the proposed advertising.

Rupert Millar, 27.06.2011

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