Wine trade does Giro di Toscana: Day 1 – The Maremma

Starting day one of the Giro di Toscana, it felt as though I’d consumed a litre of wine and managed fewer than five hours sleep...

Ben Parsons to leave The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Canned wine pioneer Ben Parsons is to step down from his role as winemaker at The Infinite Monkey Theorem, the Denver-based urban winery he founded in 2008.

Gordon Ramsay alumni Stuart Gillies to launch wine bar with kitchen

Stuart Gillies, chef and former CEO of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant group, will open his debut solo venture in London’s Chislehurst called Bank House Wine Bar and Kitchen.

Memorial service for Nicholas Faith

A memorial service for drinks writer Nicholas Faith will be held in London this September.

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June 21st, 2019

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