Four-pronged sale makes US$3.6m in NYC

A recent Sotheby’s sale featuring four cellars from notable collectors made US$3.6 million in New York last weekend – led by bottles of 1943 La Tâche.

UK government agrees to hold off on wine import laws

The UK government has reaffirmed that it will suspend new import certifications for wine for up to nine months after Brexit, saving the industry millions.

New book on Italian wine questions the idea of ‘indigenous’ grape varieties

A new book has launched on Amazon charting the history of Italy's most famous winemaking grapes.

Selfridges unveils smart tech robot cocktail maker

Upmarket London department store Selfridges has unveiled its new bartender - a smart tech robot called Toni, which it claims is the world's first automated cocktail-maker, in collaboration with Bacardi.

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October 18th, 2019

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