Beyond Bordeaux & Burgundy, what else should you invest right now?

db Asia spoke with Kevin Cheng, senior managing director of Kaigai Fine Wine Asia, for his insights on fine wine investment and regions to watch on your radar.

New ‘plant-based’ wine range targets Millennial vegans

Australian winery Fourth Wave has launched a range of ‘plant-based’ wines called Hello! targeted at Millennial vegans and vegetarians.

Brun: Bitterness is the new trend in Champagne

With rising temperatures leading to lower acidity levels in Champagne, Cyril Brun of Charles Heidsieck, believes bitterness will be used to achieve balance.

CNDP gains ground in secondary market

The Rhône is rising in the secondary market and southern appellation Châteauneuf du Pape was leading the way in August.

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